Haunted Places - USA - New York

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City/Town   Location   Paranormal Activity

(Allegany Co.)
  Wing Hollow (Has also been known as Ski Hollow Resort & Grostal Resort)   Various accidents and murders have taken place here and many strange occurrences and sightings have been reported. White figures in the road have been seen as well as ghostly people walking with ski-equipment. Some have said they felt a man following them in the ski chalet, people report their cars stalling at the base of the hill or seeing white, ghostly faces in the rear window of the lodge. Some of the crimes here were never solved. It is no longer in operation and the chalet reportedly burned to the ground.

(Erie Co.)
  Aurora Inn   A woman in white is said to haunt the hotel grounds and lobby. She is thought to have died in a fire which destroyed the original building in the 1800’s. She was thought to have died along with two men.

(Genesee Co.)
  Old Genesee County Home and Infirmary   Many, many paranormal experiences have been reported here, including photographs showing orbs, ectoplasm, and even those that look like actual apparitions. It was in operation as the “county home” (e.g. “Insane Asylum and Poorhouse”) from the 1800’s to 1974, and then stood empty until 1992, when it opened as “Rolling Hills Country Mall.” Ongoing formal “ghost hunts” are held there several times a year.

Big Moose Lake
(Herkimer Co.)
  Big Moose Lake   A man supposedly killed his fiancée by drowning her in the lake; he was tried and executed for her murder. It is said that the spirit of the woman still lingers; she is seen in an apparition on the lake, in the cabin they stayed in before he killed her, or even like feeling a cold hand. She is said to also sometimes be seen re-enacting her drowning.

(Albany Co.)
  Cohoes Music Hall   Cohoes Music Hall is said to be haunted by several ghosts, and numerous people have reported seeing a woman in a black dress with a very angry look on her face, as well as a shadowy figure which has been seen and heard in the balcony. Another ghost has been seen and heard on the stage and in the wings, this is thought to be a stage manager that was killed when he was crushed by a sand bag.

(Cortland Co.)
  1890 House Tompkins Street   Originally build by the Industrialist Chester Wickwire, the story is that many people who have spent the night in the house have heard strange noises and/or seen ghosts. The house is now a museum.

Grand Island
(Erie Co.)
  Holiday Inn   The ghost of a little girl who died in a house fire where the Holiday Inn now stands, is said to haunt this hotel with a playful spirit. She has been seen jumping on beds, playing in the halls, and so on. The story is that she’s been reported by hotel guests, housekeeping staff, bellmen, and tradesmen. Her name is said to be Tanya. Her gravestone, which located in a nearby graveyard, is said to glow at night at times.

(Onondaga Co.)
  The Ancestors Inn - The Bassett House   The original owners of the house, Hannah and George Bassett are said to still roam the property. They apparently do not like photographs of their house being taken; cameras often go missing and never re-appear, and photos taken there often end up to be a roll of blank film. The ghosts also reportedly turn lights off and on in their old bedroom.

(Onondaga Co.)
  13 Curves Road   A newlywed couple was apparently killed in an automobile accident about 70 years ago on this curving road, and the bride is said to appear in the woods surrounding the road, and sometimes on the road itself, searching for her husband.

Staten Island
(Richmond Co.)
  The Old Bermuda Inn
Arthur Kill Road
  This historic restaurant is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman. She has been said to have been seen in the dining room and/or coming down the main staircase. Some diners and workers have reported feeling her cold hands on their arms or stroking their hair.