Haunted Places - USA - West Virginia

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City/Town   Location   Paranormal Activity

(Cabell Co.)
  River Park Hospital   Originally a disabled children's hospital, staff have reported the ghost of a nurse apparently still going about her duties.

(Mason Co.)
  Lakin State Hospital  
Lakin State Hospital
Located across the road from the new hospital the old Lakin State Hospital has had other uses during its history. It has also been a home for colored boys, a juvenile detention center and a mental institution (which had the reputation of being the worst in the state). The hospital has a presence which is immediately felt and most visitors report a feeling of being watched. Footsteps, doors slamming, and being touched have also been reported.

(Cabell Co.)
  Green Bottom Cemetary   EVPs and cold spots have been recorded as well as full body apparition encounters.

(Cabell Co.)
  Mountaineer Opry House   Sounds of banjo music coming from an empty rehearsal room have been reported as well as other strange noises.

(Marshall Co.)
  West Virginia State Penitentiary  
West Virginia State Penitentiary
This building was one of the most violent jails to have ever existed and is undoubtedly West Virginia's most famous haunted location. The jail (which was condemned and closed in 1995) is haunted by several ghosts who are thought be former inmates that dies there. Laughing, footsteps, the sound of cell doors shutting as well as doors shutting by themselves have all been reported.

(Grant Co.)
  Van Meters Farm   The headless ghost of George Van Meter has been seen roaming the property. He was killed holding off a Huron attack whilst his family fled to a nearby settlement. When settlers returned to help they were too late and found only his headless body.

(Barbour Co.)
  Hanging Rock   The ghost of a preacher has been seen roaming around the church and staring out the window. He is thought to be the ghost of a preacher who killed himself having first killed his mother.

(Hancock Co.)
  Weirton Steel Mill   Many lives were lost violently during its history and the ghosts of former workers are thought to roam. Disembodied moans have also been reported.

White Sulphur Springs
(Greenbrier Co.)
  Greenbrier Hotel   Several ghosts have been reported by guests and staff at this luxurious hotel.

White Sulphur Springs
(Greenbrier Co.)
  Kate's Mountain   Sightings of a headless woman walking at night on the highest peak of the mountain have been reported. She is thought to be Kate (after whom the mountain is named) who was scalped along with her baby after her husband was killed trying to protect them.