Interpreting The I Ching - Hexagram 3 Chun

Hexagram 3 - Chun
I Ching Hexagram: 3

Name: Chun.

Keyphrase: Problems At The Beginning.

Formed By The Trigrams: Water over Thunder.


General: The first step towards true learning is acknowledging your inexperience.

Love: Provided you learn from the problem you have encountered you will get past the current stumbling block.

Business: Assess your business honestly and see how you could do better business.

Personal: If you have hit a setback then make adjustments to your lifestyle and the setback will only be temporary.


Overview: Chun is a reminder that although problems may be encountered they are often only brief - just like a thunderstorm. And like the land that benefits from the extra rain you too can benefit provided you learn from what has happened. Once any obstacle has been surmounted then your project will have the chance to thrive. But you need to be wary of reckless action. Recognize misleading and corrupt influences and forge alliances with those that are trustworthy. You are most at risk if you let your ignorance blind you to how much you have to learn.