Interpreting The I Ching - Hexagram 41 Sun

I Ching Hexagram 41 - Sun
I Ching Hexagram: 41

Name: Sun.

Keyphrase: Decrease.

Formed By The Trigrams: Mountain over Lake.


General: Make sure you use use your resources appropriately apportioned or instability will result.

Love: Go back to basics and focus on nourishing and nurturing your relationship.

Business: Direct your resources to fundamental operations only. Be frugal with your money.

Personal: Direct your energy or finances toward basic concerns only and don't be impatient or resentful in having to do so.


Overview: Sun is about the sharing of wealth and resources. If they are shared unequally through society then instability can result. Sun tells you that there is a need to balance this situation and that this is a time to be frugal and self-disciplined. It also warns that this will take time and so patience will be needed.