Interpreting The I Ching - Hexagram 45 Ts'ui

I Ching Hexagram 45 - Ts'ui
I Ching Hexagram: 45

Name: Ts'ui.

Keyphrase: Gathering together.

Formed By The Trigrams: Lake over Earth.


General: Social harmony is a prerequisite for prosperous times.

Love: If both of you work towards a common goal then your relationship will thrive.

Business: Large projects need to be handled carefully and respectfully.

Personal: If you are involved with any project involving a large group you should focus on a common goal.


Overview: The I Ching often talks about the power of the group and this is what Ts'ui relates to. Although great things can be achieved when everyone focuses on a common goal, Ts'ui is a reminder that there will always be some who are uninterested in the common good. Arrogance and ignorance mean that these people will prey on those around them. Ts'ui warns that a leader in times such as these must always be vigilant and make use of foresight if the weaker aspects are to be controlled.