Interpreting The I Ching - Hexagram 57 Sun

I Ching Hexagram 57 - Sun
I Ching Hexagram: 57

Name: Sun.

Keyphrase: The gentle.

Formed By The Trigrams: Wind over Wind.


General: Although rapid change may be effected by force, enduring change is best effected by gentle persistence.

Love: Patient, thoughtful, and thorough action is the best way to develop trust in your relationship.

Business: Gentle persuasion is by far the best way to further your business plans.

Personal: gentle persistence is the key to successfully achieving your plans.


Overview: Sun is all about the need to be persistent and gentle in your actions. It does not mean that your plans will be unsuccessful because you are proceeding gently rather than forcefully. Unceasing gentleness, not aggressiveness is the key to progress and success. Persuasion and the birth of trust will be far more enduring than threats and coercion. It is a time to allow your thoughts and ideas to permeate the minds of those you are dealing with at their own speed. Be gently persistent in your approach and you will be successful. Adapt to each situation as required. Don't mistake gentleness for docility and don't allow gentleness to become weakness.