Interpreting The I Ching - Hexagram 58 Tui

I Ching Hexagram 58 - Tui
I Ching Hexagram: 58

Name: Tui.

Keyphrase: Joy.

Formed By The Trigrams: Lake over Lake.


General: Nothing inspires human spirit more than bliss.

Love: You will experience great joy in your relationship.

Business: All things are possible at this time so do not be afraid to capitalize on your success.

Personal: Enjoy the feeling of bliss in your life and use it as inspiration to advance.


Overview: Tui indicates a time of great success and the feeling of bliss that accompanies it. Anxiety and discord are currently banished to the past and there is a feeling that greater things are possible. Tui relates to this feeling of bliss and holds out the promise that there is more to come. It warns though, that although celebration is warranted and fitting at this time you should not let that become a distraction and prevent you from capitalizing on your success.