Life Purpose

We have all used the expression "life purpose" but just what is it? Take the phrase one word at a time and we start with life and life is just that, it's what we experience every single day. Purpose means intention. To have intentional results. In other words a conscious effort is made to achieve what we deem to be the reason for our existence.

When you have a purpose in life whether it be a short term goal, or something that will take a lifetime to achieve, your life changes. It becomes meaningful. A life purpose when it is clearly defined provides meaning, significance and direction. Who do I want to be? What do I want to do? Your life purpose provides the answer to these two deep and meaningful questions. A life purpose in its purest form is the soul's purpose (not quite the same as dedicating yourself to becoming rich!) and when you follow the path that it takes you along you will feel more alive, feel more joy and be more connected with everything around you, people and environment. Inner peace naturally follows.

The need to find a purposeful role in life can be quite difficult for many. If you are constantly seeking an answer to what you should be doing then obviously you haven't yet discovered what it is. It can be a very uncomfortable feeling. For some it is simple, they just "know" and all is well. For others it is not so simple and constant asking, searching and seeking for answers results in confusion and a feeling of all is not well. Sometimes the help of a psychic can answer the question for you. Sometimes a good natal birth chart or numerology report may furnish the clues needed for you to say "Yes!"

When does life purpose become a need for you? For most people there is an initial awakening, a thought that becomes stronger as time passes that there is something you should be doing. After this comes awareness. Awareness that you need to find out exactly what it is. Having determined your life purpose there comes acceptance. Once you have completely accepted it there will be the need to outline exactly what it is you're going to do, what you're going to achieve. The last stage is action. This is where you take those first tentative steps down the path of life purpose. This can literally be a life changing experience.

Whatever your life purpose is (and they can be widely varied from person to person) don't ever be put off by the enormity of it. Don't say "I can't do it!" You can. Remember, if you take away everything in life that is truly impossible, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, is possible.

Nobody else can live your life for you so you owe it to yourself to determine your life purpose and to get it right. Determining your life purpose (and even your destiny) is not always easy. As we said above, some people - the lucky ones - will just"know". For most of us it's not that simple. Sometimes we have a vague feeling that we "should be doing something", but what? Often this applies to a career choice, sometimes it will be nothing to do with a career or job. Sometimes meditation can help, sometimes a psychic reading can help, sometimes astrology can give a clue. One of the best tools we've found for this is actually numerology. Whichever method you choose don't let life pass you by.