Mediumship is the ability to talk direct to spirit on "the other side". This may be loved ones who have passed, spirit guides and/or even angels. Again the term is not clearly defined. A medium can well be clairvoyant (seeing images from spirit) or clairaudient (hearing messages from spirit). We all have a personal idea of what a medium is and what a medium does.

Often when a medium conducts a reading (called a seance by some) contact is made with those on the other side. Most times these will be family members who have passed. There may well be a message of importance from them but often they very simply just want you to know that they are alright anmd that they still love you and are around you.

A medium cannot control who comes through from the other side. Often people want to talk to a particular loved one and they are there waiting. But not always. There is nearly always someone there that has something to say (it may be a loved one or even a spirit guide) and so the experience is far from a wasted time.

Mediumship readings are incredibly interesting (even to a spectator) to experience. We occasionally hold public spirit communication sessions in our chat room and they are always well attended.