Native American Astrology - Birth Totem Goose

  • Birth and animal totem: Snow goose (December 22nd - January 19th).
  • Moon: New moon.
  • Season Aspect: The renewal time.
  • Wind Relation: North wind.
  • Directional Relation: North-north-west.
  • Element Relation: Earth.
  • Elemental clan: Turtle clan.
  • Plant totem: Bramble.
  • Mineral totem: Peridot.
  • Polarity with: Woodpecker.
  • Color Aspect: White.
  • Musical vibration: D sharp.
  • Personality: Reliable, high standards of self.
  • Spiritual energy: Masculine energy.
  • Emotions: Self concerned.
  • Positive traits: Ambitious, never gives up.
  • Negative traits: Rigid, driven, often too focused on succeeding.
  • Compatibilities: Beavers, bears and crows.
  • Conscious Desire: To succeed.
  • Subconscious desire: To rest and rejuvenate.
  • Spiritual Path: To learn patience and the flow of life.
  • Strengths: Sociable, well spoken.
  • Weakness: Self-doubt, can't see the forest for the trees.
  • Keywords: Determination, perseverance, ambitious, resourceful, level headed, self involved.

Birth totem goose is an individual whose outer personality is one of quiet determination and resourcefulness. As one who is born under the birth totem of goose goes about his/her daily life, they are conscious of the need to preserve all resources, both their own internal energies, and the resources of nature. Does this suggest that these individuals are lazy? Hardly, what it does suggest is that they know how to make the most out of their energy, plotting and planning their moves and steps along the Red Road of physical life so that they can produce the most effective results. Less conservation minded individuals will lay collapsed along the wayside, while goose is still plodding resolutely forward, eyes firmly focused on the goal ahead. Goose souls may become so single-minded in their drive to provide a safe nest for their mate and offspring that the relationship to these loved ones may suffer as a result. It is not from lack of love or caring that interpersonal relationships suffer, it is rather from their tendency to block out all but the singular goal lest they become distracted and waver from attaining their objective. This is the greatest stumbling block for goose as he/she may ultimately attain their beautifully feathered and sturdy nest, only to turn around when it has ultimately been achieved to find there is no mate there with which to share in the accomplishment. Because they can become so driven and focused, birth totem goose may lose sight of those aspects that make life truly enjoyable, the connection to other souls along the journey of life.

And while their own personal integrity in how they approach and operate in life is almost always above reproach due to their high standards of honesty, the ultimate lesson for these souls to learn from goose is the need to balance material and physical aims with spiritual and emotional connections. Once goose recognizes that they need also preserve their relationships to others, then the unfolding of the souls higher intent of integrity through proper action can be achieved and the result is a beautifully woven, warm and full nest.


© Wolfs Moon and part of a forthcoming book "Life Paths - Journeys through Spirit with Animal Totems."

~ Used with permission with some small additions by Psychic Revelation.