Native American Astrology - Birth Totem Otter

  • Birth and animal totem: Otter (January 20th - February 18th).
  • Moon: Cleansing moon.
  • Season Aspect: The cleansing time.
  • Wind Relation: North winds.
  • Directional Relation: North.
  • Element Relation: Air.
  • Elemental clan: Butterfly clan.
  • Plant totem: Fern.
  • Mineral totem: Turquoise.
  • Polarity with: Salmon.
  • Color Aspect: Silver.
  • Musical vibration: E natural.
  • Personality: Sociable, talkative and independent.
  • Spiritual energy: Masculine energy.
  • Emotions: Creative, unconventional.
  • Positive traits: Inventive, soothing and very perceptive.
  • Negative traits: Nosy, unpredictable, often times too blunt.
  • Compatibilities: Crows, falcons and deer.
  • Conscious Desire: To gain knowledge.
  • Subconscious desire: To attain wisdom.
  • Spiritual Path: Applying spiritual knowledge to daily life.
  • Strengths: Tolerance, courage, is often an original thinker.
  • Weakness: Considered to be rebellious, and often times eccentric.
  • Keywords: Inventive, friendly, curious, independent, tactless.

Birth totem otter is an individual who has incarnated into this particular lifetime to immerse him/herself in the fountain of knowledge. As such, these souls will be in continual search of information, ideas and concepts that will provide a refreshing fountain from whence he/she will thirstily drink. However, as the fountain of knowledge is an eternal and never ending source, in their enthusiasm to glean as much knowledge as quickly as possible, there may exist a tendency within these individuals to skim the surface, rather than explore the deeper waters that would result in truer understanding.

By looking at the general inquisitiveness of the playful sea otter, we witness a creature that is capable of delving deep into the ocean waters to retrieve oysters encapsulated in shells. The otter will then rise to the surface of the water, float on his/her back and crack open the shell to retrieve the tasty morsel that awaits inside. Much like their birth totem, otter individuals have a deep-seated curiosity that leaves them hungry for all of the "oysters" of information that exist in a universal sea of knowledge. Yet the challenge for them is to not become so weighted down by the variety that is available to them that they are constantly picking up, then dropping each idea in favor for a new and more tantalizing one. Once birth totem otter individual can learn that true knowledge comes from applying experience to ideas, then he/she will then crack the shell of understanding to delight in the wisdom found within, thus fulfilling the soul’s higher purpose.


© Wolfs Moon and part of a forthcoming book "Life Paths - Journeys through Spirit with Animal Totems."

~ Used with permission with some small additions by Psychic Revelation.