Native American Astrology - Birth Totem Salmon

  • Birth and animal totem: Salmon (July 22nd - August 21st).
  • Moon: Ripe berries moon.
  • Season Aspect: The ripening time.
  • Wind Relation: South winds.
  • Directional Relation: South.
  • Element Relation: Water.
  • Elemental clan: Fish clan.
  • Plant totem: Raspberry.
  • Mineral totem: Carnelian.
  • Polarity with: Otter.
  • Color Aspect: Blue.
  • Musical vibration: F sharp.
  • Personality: Confident and energetic.
  • Spiritual energy: Feminine energies.
  • Emotions: Passionate & intense.
  • Positive traits: Generous and Creative.
  • Negative traits: Controlling, often arrogant and intolerant.
  • Compatibilities: Owl and falcon.
  • Conscious Desire: To rule.
  • Subconscious desire: Emotional balance.
  • Spiritual Path: To find the underlying purpose of life.
  • Strengths: Tolerance, humbleness and letting go.
  • Weakness: Egotistical behavior and Controlling nature.
  • Keywords - Creative, passionate, courageous, loyal, prideful.

Birth totem salmon is an individual whose outer personality is driven by the need to create and have dominion over his/her environment. The desire to create is motivated by birth totem salmon's desires to leave a lasting impression. Depending upon what level of personality the salmon individual is choosing to operate from, this may manifest itself as either the desire to inspire others through their own example, and thus be as a lantern in the night, or they may be operating from the desire to bring acknowledgment for the achievements they have made to assuage the feelings of self doubt which may harry them until they learn the lesson of self acceptance.

Just as the salmon is driven home to spawn, the individual who has salmon as his/her birth totem, is most fulfilled when exploring the depths of his/her own soul (home) so that a true work of art may be given birth in the form of poetry, paintings, or the less tangible creation of ideas. Life’s emotional currents may run deep, and at times tumultuous, yet as the salmon will forge its way upstream against seemingly impossible odds so that they may propagate their species, birth totem salmon will become truly whole when he/she has conquered the currents that roil within their own hearts. Only once he/she has learned that the destination is not the end, and that life’s currents are not always an upstream battle, when the realization is made that one must delve within for the answers they desperately seek, may they find the insight which is the birth right of this totem. Then, as they swim in the deep clear waters of awareness and understanding, they will realize that the doorway to home has always been within.


© Wolfs Moon and part of a forthcoming book "Life Paths - Journeys through Spirit with Animal Totems."

~ Used with permission with some small additions by Psychic Revelation.