Near Death Experiences

What is a near death experience? A near death experience (NDE) is an experience which usually includes a feeling of being outside one's body. Most times the person involved may be clinically dead. Most people who've experienced an NDE have reported being being able to look down and see themselves. Sometimes deceased loved ones or other entities are seen. Many times an incredibly bright white light is seen that seems to beckon the person. Often an NDE is reported as being a beautiful and peaceful experience. Not all though as some have been reported as being terrifying. Whichever the case a near death experience is life-changing.

Modern science cannot explain near death experiences. Perhaps they don't want to. Many believe an NDE is proof of life after death. This rather depends on your belief system of course. If you stoutly believe there is no afterlife (of any sort) then perhaps you will never have a near death experience as your mind is predisposed not to accept it.Some religions will cite it as definite proof of an afterlife, others that it's the devil's work.

The most sceptical of all, of course, are the scientists. They cannot prove or disprove the occurrences. An enlightened few accept the reports, most do not. Many scientists will claim that the brain is undergoing some sort of physiological change and it's this that causes the "hallucination" of near death experiences. But they cannot prove it. Maybe science has its collective head buried in the sand - I cannot see it therefore it does not exist!

There does not seem to be any common factor between those who undergo near death experiences and those don't. Young, old, male, female, rich, poor, honest, dishonest, religious, atheistic, believers, non-believers. The list goes on. Too many reports from such a diverse collection of races and peoples it would seem that the evidence for an afterlife is getting stronger.

On a personal note:

So... is there an afterlife? My personal belief is yes. My beliefs are also a little more complex than heaven and hell but that's a different story. After years of contact with the spirit world I have no need to sit on the fence. I think there will be an awful lot of embarrassed scientists around in the spirit world when I get there. Maybe I'll be able to resist saying "I told you so," but... maybe not! ~ Talisman