Psychic Readings - Choosing

The first thing you need to decide is the format of the reading itself. Do you want to do it by e-mail? Or online using an instant messenger? Or by telephone? Which would you be most comfortable with?

If you're shy or nervous about dealing with a reader on a direct interactive basis (there's no need to be - we don't bite!) then e-mail may be the way to go. If you do decide to choose e-mail then it's simply a case of finding the reading that suits your needs. usually this is very straightforward. If you have a single question to ask then just choose the "1 Question E-mail Psychic Reading" and so on. A word of advice though, some single questions are better answered by a more specific and detailed reading. For example: "Is He/She The One?" can be asked as a single question and your reader will obviously give you an answer. There is a very specific reading for this question however, and you will get more information in your reading if it is chosen instead of the "1 question" option.

Our specialist readings along with the 6 month and 12 month ahead e-mail readings are not really suitable for online or telephone choices. Although you are welcome to ask a reader to look at the next 12 months for you in an online or telephone reading they will only be able to give a you a flavor of what's coming. There just isn't enough time to do more even in a 60 minute reading.

If you are comfortable dealing with a reader on an interactive basis then online is a good option. It allows you to ask your reader your questions and to query anythingb you don't understand as you go along. This option is one of our most popular and is a firm favorite with many of our clients. It's possible to ask a good many questions in a 30 minute session. If your situation gives rise to a lot of questions, or is very complex you might be better off choosing the 60 minute reading instead. If you just have two or three questions needing a quick answer then the fifteen minute reading is ideal

If you're one of those people who likes to get "up close and personal" then our telephone readings are for you. The telephone makes for great interaction between reader and querent. It is possible to get through a great number of questions even with a 30 minute telephone reading. No typing as with the online option. It's fast!