Psychic Protection - Smudging

Smudging is a North American Native tradition, which can be used to cleanse away negative influences from you, another person, or an object or area. Smudging is a sacred ceremony dating back hundreds of years and was often used in preparation for vision quests, sweat lodge rituals, other rituals and ceremonies.

Smudging can be used to shield you as well as providing a grounding influence. Its prime purpose though is to clear away negativity and to protect.

It is possible to buy ready made smudging bundles of herbs and these are great to use and are very traditional in their approach. White sage is very traditional but other herbs more suitable to your purpose can be used if necessary. But if you burn the herbs in a shell you can actually draw on all the elements in your quest.

The shell represents the element of water. You should line the shell with sand, which represents the element of earth. The burning of the herbs obviously represents fire, and the smoke that arises represents the element of air.

Combining all the four physical elements invokes the fifth element of spirit.

Once you have everything ready and have lit the herbs you are ready to begin. The smoke needs to be wafted over you (if smudging yourself), the person being smudges (if smudging another), or over the object or around the room (whichever is applicable). Traditionally the smoke should be fanned with a feather. If you do not have a feather then use a hand. Don’t use your breath to blow the smoke as this can impart negativity.

As you waft the smoke around think positive thoughts of love and peace, whilst concentrating on your intention. If you are smudging inside then you should have a window partly open so that any negativity present will depart.

Once you have completed the process light a white candle and say a prayer of thanks.