Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 8 Of Cups

8 Of Cups
Introduction: The 8 of Cups often means that you will choose to leave a situation that is no longer working for you - whether that's a relationship, a job, or a neighborhood. There may be some sadness involved, but in general, this separation, is in your best interests.

General: Know that renewed good times lie ahead for you. If your "gut" is telling you that you really need to get out of a relationship, job, or living arrangement, trust yourself. Instead of this coming out of the blue, or someone or something leaving you, it usually means that you are the one who will make this choice. Very often one door has to close behind you before the next door in front of you can fully open.

Work: Your current job may no longer be appropriate for you. You may be feeling bored, or under-appreciated. Think long and hard about which is best; trying to fix things where you are, or moving on. Either option can work for you. One thing is for sure, though, things are not going to change for the better on their own. If you're dissatisfied, get specific on what changes would need to happen for you to be happier where you are. If it's unlikely or impossible to change those things, then get moving on finding yourself a new position. You can do it.

Love: You may decide that a long-term relationship is going to end. If you are sure about this, don't wait for the right time, as there will never be a good time to tell someone that the relationship needs to be over. Don't jump headlong into a new relationship; give yourself some time and space to be on your own, first.


Finances: If you are utterly miserable in your current line of work, don't let the security of a regular paycheck tie you forever to the job; but look before you leap before getting out. Health insurance, particularly in the USA, is a huge concern. However, with foresight and planning, and attention to detail, if you want to work for yourself, you can make it happen. Just be sure your plans are well-laid and comprehensive. Money isn't everything.

Health: Stress may be getting to you and causing health problems. Be sure that you are paying adequate attention to diet, exercise, and sleep. Keep a positive attitude.

Spirituality: You may need some time alone. Take it. You will find depth and wisdom in solitude, and in listening to the still, small voice inside.


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