Death Tarot Notes and Thoughts by Talisman


Does the Tarot Card Death Deserve Its Reputation?

The short answer is "No." Very experienced readers will know how to interpret this card correctly but for those who are still learning it can be a scary card. It does indicate change and sometimes that change may be a very profound one but what it does not mean you're about to shuffle off this mortal coil.

The slightly longer answer is "Yes," but there is a huge caveat. And that is that in all the years I have been reading Tarot cards only once have I felt that physical death might be its true interpretation. When you shuffle, cut, and pull Death four times it is a possibility that should be considered. I would put money down and bet that only one in a million readers will ever have that happen to them. So don't panic - you're quite safe!

Readers are very rarely given that sort of information. I believe that it is simply something that we are not meant to know. And for good reason. If someone had that knowledge they might consider they had nothing to lose and would do things that they would not have done otherwise.

Consider if someone had people they hated. They might decide to seek revenge and kill all those who had (at least in their mind) wronged them. After all, if they were going to die shortly they probably even wouldn't get to trial.

Now before you say "That couldn't happen!" do remember that we live in an age of very little self-discipline and unfortunately it is very much a possibility. There is a lot of hate and bitterness just beneath the surface of many people. They might hide it but it is there. It's one of the reasons we do not predict death in any of our readings at Psychic Revelation.

The Death card is much misunderstood and much maligned. Particularly by Hollywood! How many times have you seen a movie and the Death card appears and it means.... wait for it.... death!

Almost without exception that is the meaning it is given. Offhand I can't think of any movie where the Tarot has featured and the card is interpreted correctly. Obviously they don't bother to consult a professional reader and if they have (which I doubt) then its meaning has been ignored because it's inconvenient.

The Death card is all about change and even though that change may be hard it will turn out to be exactly what you needed.


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