The Empress Tarot Notes and Thoughts by Charis


The Benevolent Monarchy

When the Empress turns up, my mind tends to go in a sense to royalty, in the sense that the Empress is very much the queen of all she surveys. But she is also a caring, loving figure. She not only is in charge of all she can see, she actually loves all that she can see, everything and everyone within her purview.

So when she comes up it's a nudge from the universe, a reminder if you like, that the universe is not actively trying to harm you in any way. In fact it's the opposite.

Life is not, of course, a level playing field, and everyone does not come in to being with equal opportunities. But the universe is creative, friendly, and caring although it does not look that way at times. It is not here to cause harm. You're not being picked on, especially not when this card appears for you.

When it comes to Tarot, though, it's easy to get confused, because when the card is a court card or a face card, it is easy to conflate them with literal people, or in this instance to our literal mothers, and that is not always or even usually the case.

A man too can have an extremely caring and nurturing energy. It could also be contained in a situation or a job or even in an inanimate object. My memory foam mattress topper has some of that Empress-type nurturing energy!

The Empress also has a fairly maternal energy. But there are a lot of ways to give birth metaphorically speaking and the Empress covers any of them. This is not just the energy of birthing someone or something, it is the energy of doing so with care, concern, and love.

This is the energy, though, of the mother who does not have strings to bind you, but who simply loves you for all she is worth, accepts you for who and where you are, and who assists you as best she can.

You should note that, of course, assisting you as best she can does not mean the same thing as giving you everything you want or ask for. A child may want to eat nothing but candy bars for dinner, but if his/her mother allows that she is very likely going to have a child who is sick to his/her stomach.

The Empress says that you will benefit by slowing down, thinking positively, and knowing that you are loved by the universe if in no other way. And if the universe loves you, there's a very strong chance that everything else will fall into place. In a word: "chill."


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