Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 10 Of Pentacles Reversed

10 Of Pentacles Reversed
Introduction: Even reversed, the 10 of Pentacles is generally a very positive omen. This is not, however, a time to gamble with your security and things that are important to you; in other words, don't take silly chances.

General: The reversed 10 of Pentacles in general says that you have a great deal to be happy about, but you need to beware a sense of boredom, which often comes about when people are actually at peace. Don't shake things up for the sake of it. Count your blessings, at all levels.

Work: You may be tempted to leave a stable and lucrative situation on a bit of a whim when the 10 of Pentacles reversed comes up in a work reading. Think long and hard before doing so. Yes, life is about taking chances, but don't take blind chances. If you are looking for work when this card appears, beware people that talk a good game and scammers. You shouldn't have to pay money to get a job.

Love: The reversed 10 of Pentacles is still a very positive indicator with regard to love. However, if you find yourself feeling bored in a long-time committed relationship, be careful before you get yourself out of it; think long and hard first. It may just be that you need to take a new approach, try new things together, and/or talk about the way that you are feeling. If you are looking for love, and are single, this is a time to get out and meet people; you are likely to find that your good, upbeat energy is coming through you, and that people are naturally attracted to you.


Finances: When the 10 of Pentacles reversed appears, you will need to be especially thoughtful and cautious in your financial dealings. Things that may seem like a good idea on the surface may turn out to be less lucrative than you anticipated. Invest carefully. Watch where you put your trust.

Health: In general your health should be good when this card appears and/or will be on the upswing, but again, don't take it for granted. Foolish risks can be a likelihood when this card appears. Know how deep the water is before diving in headfirst; don't eat foods you know you're allergic to - things of that nature.

Spirituality: The reversed 10 of Pentacles can imply that you are ready for adventure and through your spirituality can be an excellent way to channel this energy. Be open to new ideas, new adventures, and new ways of thinking about the spiritual side of life. Consider exploring a new spiritual community, especially if you typically practice in solitude. You've got nothing to lose by doing so.


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