Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 2 Of Pentacles

2 Of Pentacles
Introduction: The 2 of Pentacles is a card about balance, often also about partnership. You are likely to be trying to keep two broad areas of life (money and health, love and work, etc.) in balance. This card is generally considered to be a positive omen.

General: Two main issues are foremost in your mind. You may need to pull back from trying to pay attention to quite so many things. Multi-tasking is not your friend now, you may need to cut down on the things you are doing in order to focus on your two main priorities. Your financial situation may need to be more balanced, be sure that you are paying attention there.

Work: You may need to consider taking a risk. You can limit the chance you will need to take, but you cannot fully prevent being somewhat exposed. Don't run around like a chicken with your head cut off. Focus on just two main tasks at most. If you're looking for work, find two main prospects and do your homework on these, rather than blanketing potential work situations with applications.

Love: If you're currently in a committed relationship, you and your sweetheart may be having trouble finding time and energy for each other. Make sure that your relationship remains high on your priority list, otherwise it won't be there when  you come back for it. If you're looking for love, don't tell yourself that you are ready if you are truly NOT ready for a relationship. You don't have to be perfect first, but you do have to be willing to create the time, space, and energy to put into romance.


Finances: Pay attention to the bottom line, be sure that you know where you are financially. You may need to get things in balance, e.g. either spending less or bringing in more money in order to build a sounder financial future. This is a good time to invest (wisely.) This is not necessarily a great time to spend or speculate financially.

Health: You need to balance your health efforts with your personal and professional responsibilities. Be sure that you are taking time for your own life, your own rest, relaxation, and healing. If you put yourself last on the list of things to think about, your health situation will definitely suffer. Start where you are. Your goal should be progress, not perfection.

Spirituality: Your concrete responsibilities may make you feel as though you don't have time to feed your spirit. Rethink it. You may not have a lot of time, but even a five minute walk on your own to spend time in contemplation is a better choice than nothing at all. Remember that you must offer nourishment to body, mind, and spirit, in order to truly be in any sort of balance.


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