Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 4 Of Pentacles Reversed

4 Of Pentacles Reversed
Introduction: The 4 of Pentacles reversed often implies that you are holding on to things, people, money, or situations far more than you should for your own well-being and piece of mind. It's time to relax and to remember that you cannot control what others choose to do. We all have free will. Focus on your own choices.

General: When the 4 of Pentacles is reversed, it can mean that the querent will move quickly through the fear-based clinging they have been exhibiting and suddenly learn to be more open, more generous, and more aware that fear solves nothing. Making a point to think positively will help.

Work: With regard to work questions, the 4 of Pentacles reversed implies that you are far too worried about the safety and security of your job. This is understandable in the light of the current global economic uncertainty, but it can be counterproductive to worry so much, as it can actually make your work suffer. Think positively and focus on producing the best work that you can.

Love: The 4 of Pentacles reversed is a card about fear, when it comes to love. However, the reversal can mean that you are about to let go of the fear, and finally open yourself up in a way that is real, and which will give your relationship a fighting chance. If you are looking for love and get the reversed 4 of Pentacles, it is telling you to not let fear of rejection hold you back. Reach out, mingle, get to know people. You have to be open for love to come to you, and being full of fear is not helpful.


Finances: When the reversed 4 of Pentacles appears, it can show that you are finally getting beyond your worries about money, because you will have realized that your worry isn't helping you. You can make a difference in your financial situation, if you let go of your fear and get moving.

Health: The 4 of Pentacles reversed, although it may not feel particularly pleasant at first, can indicate that you are about to move forward emotionally, which will in turn improve your health greatly. When this card appears, you have almost certainly been carrying around a great deal of fear and worry related to your health, and you may finally find the courage to open up (or may not be able to keep yourself from opening up) about these fears. Speak your heart. Your situation will improve instantly when you do.

Spirituality: You are about to take a spiritual leap forward, as because of a combination of factors, you are likely to no longer be holding yourself back and will be more open to dealing with others and allowing them to affect you. This will give both them, and yourself, blessings and opportunities for growth.


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