Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 7 Of Pentacles Reversed

7 Of Pentacles Reversed
Introduction: The 7 of Pentacles, whether upright or reversed, is usually in some way about a "returns on investment." You are likely to find (whether you are feeling good about things at the moment or not) that you are to some degree getting back what you have given out in the past.

General: The reversed 7 of Pentacles points to a need for you to get real clear, right now, about what success means to you and about what your goals will look like when they are met. This is not the time to allow your goals to be amorphous. If they are, you will never meet them. Be specific.

Work: When you draw the reversed 7, you may be finding yourself feeling more and more dissatisfied with your current work. If that is the case, take the time and effort to figure out why this is, specifically. Be open minded about things that can change in your current situation (this may need to include that YOU need to change.) You may not need to leave your job. Think critically and charitably about others.

Love: It's important when you get this card in reverse in the context of love, that you realize that no relationship, and no person, is perfect. Neither are you, no matter how hard you try. If you are looking for love and continually coming up empty, consider the possibility that you have an unrealistic, idealized idea of what the "right" partner for you looks like. Real love goes well beyond superficial appearances.


Finances: The reversed 7 of Pentacles is a signal that you should get precise and specific about your financial goals. "To have a comfortable retirement" is not a clear goal. "To have $3,000 per month to live on every month until I am 100," is more the sort of thing. Think ahead.

Health: When you draw this reversed card in the context of a health question, again it's important to look at what your goals are; and how you are defining health. Sometimes it's important to be broad, more often it's important to be precise. Set a small, achievable goal for your health, such as walking 3,000 steps a day for a week, or eating vegetables at least once a week. Keep records. Then move your goal post higher. The point is progress, not perfection.

Spirituality: With the reversed 7 of Pentacles, you may be feeling a gnawing sense of spiritual dissatisfaction. If so, it may be time to withdraw from your usual activities for a while, and rest. You may also need to talk about what is on your mind and learn from other like minded people (or even non-like minded people.) The point is, this card is telling you that your standard operating procedure needs some tuning up. Experiment spiritually at least a little.


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