Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - King Of Pentacles Reversed

King Of Pentacles Reversed
Introduction: The King of Pentacles reversed tends to be outer-directed, meaning that you tend to identify yourself by your outer accomplishments, without recognizing that who you are inside is of enormous value, regardless.

General: No matter what happens in your life when the reversed King of Pentacles appears, it's important to know that your happiness and success is not built on one or even a handful of events. This is a time to consciously cultivate a positive attitude.

Work: As with the upright King, the reversed King can point to an older, established man who plays a major role in your working environment (even if on the surface, it seems that you work with all women.) Do the best that you can at work, but realize that your work is not your whole life, and know that some people (which may include the man represented by this reversed King) simply cannot be pleased. All you can do is your best, and that's enough.

Love: The reversed King of Pentacles can indicate that someone you care about is having a hard time because of issues related to their work (or lack thereof.) Help them to remember that their value goes far beyond what they "do." If you are single and looking for love, you may meet someone new now who works in the financial field in some way. There may be a large disparity in your incomes. If so, be open minded about that.


Finances: The King of Pentacles reversed tells you that it's important to think very long-range when it comes to finances and financial investments. Do not identify yourself or your long term prospects with any potential short-term downturns. Money is just a tool. Beware thinking of yourself as a failure if you are facing financial challenges. Financial challenges come to nearly everyone at some time or another. Think positively.

Health: As with the upright meaning, the reversed King of Pentacles tells you that your health status can be improved if you make a point to face and to vent negative feelings. You must watch for and guard against a tendency to think of yourself as a failure just because you may not have yet met certain goals that you set for yourself. Honor yourself, just as you are, right now, today: your health improves as a result.

Spirituality: The reversed King of Pentacles says that you may have been placing too much emphasis, for too long, on your financial security. Who you are has very little to do with what you do for a living. You may benefit greatly from exploring some different spiritual traditions and understandings now; your mind will be opened as a result, if you allow it to be.