Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - Knight Of Pentacles Reversed

Knight Of Pentacles Reversed
Introduction: The reversed Knight of Pentacles can carry a warning that this is an important time to keep your focus squarely on your work, if you are working for money. This is a time to be as adult as possible, if you want to be successful.

General: Although you may be feeling somewhat listless and rather unexcited about what is going on in your life, it's important to realize that the only person that can change that is you. Learn something new. Open yourself up to change, but don't throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water.

Work: No matter what the configuration is of your working life (working for yourself, working at a job, etc.) it is tremendously important when you pull the reversed Knight of Pentacles that you do your best to appear focused, hardworking, and methodical about your work. Slacking off now for any reason can create a major loss in your life work-wise. Pay attention.

Love: The reversed Knight of Pentacles can show that you're feeling more than a little bored with your love life. The major way to handle this is through communication if you are in a committed relationship. Most people are not mind-readers; ask for what you want and need, and you may well get it. If you are looking for love, this is not the time to "settle down." It's far better to let any prospective partners to know, up front, in so many words, that you are looking for a good time right now, and are in an exploration mode. Allow yourself to have fun, but be honest with yourself and others. Nobody but you can make your life "exciting."


Finances: If you work hard, and accomplish what you need to accomplish, your financial situation should be stable, at least. Do the best you can with what you have. This is not the time to gamble--at all.

Health: Relating to health questions, the reversed Knight of Pentacles suggests that you will improve your health largely by doing all the things generally associated with being an adult; eating right, exercising, taking your vitamins, getting enough sleep. This is not the time for "extreme sports" when this card appears.

Spirituality: Even though much about this card relates to work and the mundane making of a living, when the Knight of Pentacles appears, it's important to realize that there is much more to life than work. Give yourself the time and space to explore the other sides to your being. Talk to people that are more "into" spiritual things than you are, and see what they have to say which resonates with you. Allow your spirit rest. Consider meditation.


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