Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 3 Of Swords

3 Of Swords
Introduction: Regardless of the way that the 3 of Swords card is depicted in most Tarot decks (a heart with Swords going through it,) know that it is not all bad. Although there is an element of sorrow that is undeniable when this card appears, what lies on the other side of this sorrow can be enhanced understanding and joy. Allow yourself to fully experience any sorrow or pain that comes up now, so that you can move beyond it.

General: In general, this card can point to very deep emotional issues that must be addressed before the querent can move on. Denying pain does not make it go away (any more than denying a broken leg makes it heal.) However, attention must be paid to balance here also as it must be paid with the 2 of Swords. Allow yourself to experience any pain that comes up now, but do not wallow in it. You do not and should not wallow in grief or sorrow for long. However only you can decide how long is long enough. Others can't decide it for you.

Work: Your feelings or ego may be quite bruised by something that happens with relation to work. Try to keep this in perspective. Your whole life is not (or should not be) what you do professionally. You may need some assistance to find a better approach to work. Don't hesitate to ask. If you're looking for work, this too may show a need to look in a different way or in a different field than the one you've been pursuing. Hang in there.

Love: In the context of love this card does not have to be the death knell of a relationship, but it does almost always point to relationship difficulty and pain. In order for the relationship to survive, both parties must be willing to work on and talk about the relationship. You may find that someone you thought cared about you is not as loving as you had supposed. Do not take this too personally or dwell too long on the pain, if that is the case. You are being guided to the relationship that is right for you. You cannot force something to be right or someone to care if they do not. The right person will care - of their own accord - without you doing intense contortions, so to speak, to make it happen.


Finances: Unfortunately when it comes to money this card can mean disappointing news. You will not help yourself by freaking out. Look your situation unflinchingly in the eye, then figure out what you are going to do about it, one step at a time. If the situation is overwhelming as a whole, don't try to look at the big picture. Start with a manageable chunk, even if that is as small as what your next meal will be. Do not let your pride prevent you from asking for financial assistance if you need it. By allowing others to give to you, you are giving them a blessing, as well.

Health: The news about your health may not be as good as you had hoped, and/or emotions/depression/anxiety may be taking a toll on your physical being. Keeping a positive attitude is of the utmost importance now, no matter what your situation or prognosis might be. Remember that doctors are not gods. Treat yourself with loving kindness. Read about miraculous healings. If you need help to stay positive - ask for it. Surround yourself with healthy, positive influences to the best of your ability.

Spirituality: This is not a time to try to hold on to things, ideas, situations, or people which may have run their course in your life. You must make room in your life/heart/emotions/spirit for new things to come to you. Time alone will be helpful. Have you done all the healing that you need to do? The answers you seek are within you, although you may need help to bring them to the surface. Talk with someone you trust.


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