Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 4 Of Swords Reversed

4 Of Swords Reversed
Introduction: When the 4 of Swords reversed appears in a reading, you or someone very close to you is exhausted, on every level. This is not a time to push yourself beyond your limits, to do so now is to risk all that you have worked so hard for: your health, your work, your relationships. It's more than okay to take a break. It's critical now.

General: Generally, the reversed 4 of Swords means that in addition to feeling tired, you may be feeling a bit isolated. Do not look at this as a permanent situation. Allow yourself to rest, and know that the relationships and friendships that you need are coming. Take one step at a time.

Work: As with the upright 4 of Swords, the reversed 4 suggests that some time off from work would be beneficial. You may also find that something about the way things are done at work/in your field which has never seemed "right" to you may become a lot clearer and you'll find yourself supporting this practice. If you are looking for work, it may be important to take at least a few hours' break to rethink. Are you looking in the right place, with the right people? This card suggests that you may need to change tactics.

Love: The reversed 4 of Swords, if you are currently in a romantic relationship, can show that you will need to make extra effort to find yourself feeling more "together" with your partner. However, you also need to stay alert to the fact that your partner may be exhausted for other reasons (such as health or work) and if so, you need to not take this personally. If you are looking for love and coming up empty handed, and this has been so for some time, then it is definitely time to change your tactics. For instance if you've been looking online, try groups which meet in person; or vice-versa.


Finances: When the 4 of Swords reversed appears in the context of a money question, you may benefit a great deal by taking the counter-intuitive step of putting money out of your mind for at least a few hours. Anxiety and worry may be interfering with your ability to think rationally and carefully about what you need to do. You may need, once you've had a bit of a break, to reassess your spending habits and your savings habits. You can make any changes necessary.

Health: The reversed 4 of Swords can indicate that you are about to finally put some self-limiting beliefs behind you - and this can cause major leaps forward both in your outlook and in your health. However, this card is a clear indicator that you must rest, that you have been pushing yourself far too hard. Especially if you feel you can't afford to take a day off - that means that you really, really need to do so.

Spirituality: When it comes to spirituality, the reversed 4 indicates a need for NO action, rather than pushing yourself further. Stillness, meditation, and rest, can open up your spirit more now than anything else you could possibly do or attend. Consider meditation on the following: "Peace, Be Still."


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