Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 8 Of Swords Reversed

8 Of Swords Reversed
Introduction: When the reversed 8 of Swords appears, you may be about ready to take some important steps and changes in your life, after having made some careful assessments. You are ready or almost ready to move beyond your fears. Keep moving. Seek support if you need it, but trust yourself.

General: In general, the Reversed 8 of Swords tells us that although it is time to move forward, that we cannot plan or be utterly prepared for everything in life that might happen, and that accepting that fact is an important part of adulthood. Know that when we need help, help is always available. Take one step at at time. Worry solves and changes nothing.

Work: If you would like to make a change in your work, the reversed 8 of Swords lets you know that this is possible, but that patience and deliberate steps forward are going to be needed. Be open and aware for chance meetings which could help you in your career and any hoped for changes. Everyone may not understand or support your wishes to make a change. Know that you must do what is best for you.

Love: When it comes to love, the 8 of Swords reversed points to potential disagreements and petty arguments in an existing relationship. Try to get to the root of any problems; arguments are not always about what they seem to be about on the surface. If you are feeling lonely and looking for love, this card is a hint that you have some work to do on yourself first. Another person cannot fill you up, if you are feeling empty. And feeling empty drives prospective partners away.


Finances: The reversed 8 tells you that unexpected things may occur with your finances - this is an important time to make sure that you have some form of a financial "safety net." At the same time these unexpected things can be related to financial increase that you weren't expecting. However, this is not a time when you are likely to be lucky with gambling.

Health: When you see the reversed 8 of Swords in the context of a health question, it points to things not being clear with the physical body. This is a very important time to pay attention to any symptoms that you might be having, and is also a very important time to seek advice from a qualified medical professional. Self-treatment when this card appears is not advisable. You need to know exactly what you are dealing with. Still, don't panic. Just have a check-up.

Spirituality: In order for your spirituality and your peacefulness in this moment to be on the upswing, it is possible that you need to re-examine your past when the reversed 8 of Swords appears. There may be an incident or trauma from the past which you have not fully dealt with and resolved. Think back, and see if there is something that you need to work through. You may find it and find yourself feeling a thousand pounds lighter once you work through it.


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