Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - Ace Of Swords Reversed

Ace Of Swords Reversed
Introduction: The reversed Ace of Swords, though generally a positive card, warns that you must be very careful with your thinking. When it appears, it is easy to feel that something is positive when in fact it is not. Seek outside input.

General: In general the reversed Ace of Swords indicates that you need to be careful about illusions. It is very easy to trust people who are untrustworthy, it is very easy to think that "just this once" a get rich quick scheme may actually work. Be thoughtful and circumspect.

Work: In the context of work, the reversed Ace can mean that you are close to having a major misunderstanding about work. Don't make any sudden moves, and don't decide that a job which has been good for you for many years has suddenly gone bad. If you are looking for work, try to think from the hiring person's perspective. If you are attempting to change careers, how can you show that you are prepared for this new career? Be practical and realistic now, and think things through carefully.

Love: In terms of love, the reversed Ace can mean that you may fall hard for someone who might be wildly inappropriate for you. There's nothing wrong with "taking a walk on the wild side," and there is truth that opposites attract. However, if someone tells you that they are "not looking for a commitment," or that "they are not good at relationships," your rational response is to believe them. Again, be cautious.


Finances: The reversed Ace of Swords calls you to triple check your assumptions about money, especially when it comes to new investments. Even someone you have worked with for years can become desperate and/or make mistakes with regard to your money. Think for yourself and check up on how your nest eggs are doing.

Health: The reversed Ace warns that you may meet some convincing - yet mistaken - "alternative health care" providers or ideas. Before you undertake a regimen of any type, do some due diligence, find out what it is all about and what others have said who have tried the same approach. The same can be true of traditional doctors; if you are prescribed medication, it's important that you know what it is, why you're taking it, and check the dosage. Do your best to think as clearly and non-emotionally about your health as you can.

Spirituality: Again, the reversed Ace can show that you are in a mindset that means it is easy to get overly invested in spiritual ideas which in the long run may prove to be of little value to you. Be cautious about forceful people who try to get you involved in new organizations - particularly "spiritual" organizations which require you to pay to belong. This is a time when your spirituality can grow through your own efforts: you don't need a big organization in order to learn and open yourself up more.