Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - Page Of Swords Reversed

Page Of Swords Reversed
Introduction: The reversed Page of Swords can sometimes represent a literal person in your life. This can be someone younger than you, who may have a tendency to stick his or her nose in where it doesn't belong. If so, don't hesitate to draw boundaries.

General: In general the reversed Page of Swords tells you that you simply can't plan for everything. Unexpected occurrences are part of life and you shouldn't beat yourself up because of them. Work through any problems that crop up one step at a time.

Work: In relation to work questions, the reversed Page indicates that you may soon be dealing with some unexpected conflict at work or a message you were not expecting. Neither is necessarily a bad thing, just take a few minutes to think before you respond. If you're seeking work, know that some employers are very likely to do intensive background checks before hiring you. Be prepared to respond about questions regarding your past and/or about information you consider personal, like your credit score.

Love: In love questions, the reversed Page of Swords points to difficulty in communications. Say what you mean and mean what you say. However when relating to your partner, you may need to look at deeper meanings behind the words. If you are looking for love you may be attracted to someone who then strikes you as a braggart or a "big talker." Sometimes this is just nervousness - give them a chance.


Finances: When it comes to money, the reversed Page can indicate that you may receive a message that you aren't thrilled about, such as you or your partner not getting an expected pay rise. Don't panic; you can work with the situation and things could be a whole lot worse. Don't overreact, either. The initial information you get may be incorrect. Dig deeper and be patient.

Health: The reversed Page of Swords can indicate people talking off the cuff in relation to health in a way that could be worrisome. Remember that all may not be as it seems, initially. Before agreeing to major, invasive health procedures, seek a second opinion if at all possible. Don't share health information that you want to be kept private, particularly with someone you don' t know well. They are unlikely to keep your secret.

Spirituality: This card in the context of spirituality can indicate that you will meet someone who sets themselves up as a "spiritual guru," but who in fact talks a great deal more than they actually know. Be cautious and circumspect, take what this person has to say which really resonates with you, and leave the rest behind. Beware of egotistical "spiritual advisors."


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