Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 10 Of Wands Reversed

10 Of Wands Reversed
Introduction: When the 10 of Wands reversed appears, it's important that you are completely honest with yourself and everyone around you now. No one is served by being deceptive. If you feel that someone who is important to you is being dishonest, you may well be correct. However, be certain before confronting anyone; and sometimes a confrontation is not necessary at all. Take it slow. You may be "stressed out."

General: When the 10 of Wands appears reversed, you may be tired, dealing with delays, and feeling overstretched. This is not necessarily something that you need to push through. You may be far better served by taking a break. Even a short few hours to relax and de-stress can be helpful. Seek out upbeat people.

Work: The reversed 10 of Wands is a hint that you may be best served by seeking a new employment situation if you are currently working and unhappy in your job situation. You may literally be being mistreated, and even in a tight job market, you don't have to stand for that. Take things one moment at a time, and think through what has been happening. Don't take injustice personally, but don't feel that you have to put up with it forever, either. The best solution may simply be to leave.

Love: As with the upright meaning, the appearance of the 10 of Wands reversed usually signifies difficulty in an existing relationship. It may be time (or past time) that both of you lay all the cards on the table and really talk about the relationship. There is a slight possibility when this card appears that you are actually being misled or that there is infidelity involved when this card appears. Consider whether there have been changes in behavior etc., that may point to this or to other untruths that need to be faced in order for the relationship to either work on a more honest level, or to end. Hiding from the truth serves no one.


Finances: When the 10 of Wands reversed appears, it can indicate current or coming difficulty with money. This is certainly not a time to be extravagant (no matter how flush you may be feeling) but it is also not a time to panic. If you've been short of money for a long time, you may need to give yourself permission to take a break from worrying about the cash flow for a while. It's a cliche but it's also true: money really and truly is not everything.

Health: If you have not been feeling well when this card appears, first give some thought to whether some or all of your symptoms could be a result of stress. You are likely to have been pushing yourself too hard for far too long. However, if in doubt, give yourself the peace of mind of obtaining a thorough medical check-up. Even if money is an issue, there are health care services available in most communities in some form if you know where to look. Ask around.

Spirituality: When this card appears it's critical to realize that you have a duty to protect yourself; physically, spiritually, and emotionally. If you have been treated badly by anyone, repeatedly, whether it is your boss, your children, or your best friend, it is now past time to either address the situation or to end the relationship. You are your own best advocate, no one can (or should) do it for you.


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