Tarot Spreads - Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread
Category: General

Description: Apart from the three card or simple Tarot spreads this is probably the most often used spread in existence and has become a classic. Good for answering a specific question or giving a general reading in-depth.


  1. What influences currently surround the querent?
  2. What are the obstacles currently blocking the querent?
  3. The recent past which formed the foundation for the current situation.
  4. The distant past - issues the querent has had to deal with.
  5. What does the querent wish to achieve?
  6. What is before the querent? The future.
  7. The querent's attitude or position on the matter.
  8. How others see the querent.
  9. The querent's hopes or fears.
  10. The outcome.

Notes: This spread is sometimes done with 11 cards with the first card representing the querent and the second card being the influences etc.

Origin: A.E. Waite ©

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