Tarot Spreads - Childhood Problems

Childhood Problems Tarot Spread
Category: Family

About: This is a nine card Tarot spread that considers whether there is a current (real) problem with the querent's child. Sometimes children can just be downright difficult for no apparent reason and there is no "problem" other than behavior to be dealt with. If the reading shows there is currently no real problem to be dealt with, it looks at potential problems instead.


  1. Is there a problem with the querent's child?
  2. Past influences affecting the problem.
  3. Present influences affecting the problem.
  4. How is this problem best helped?
  5. Outcome.
  6. Will there be a problem with the querent's child in the near future?
  7. What will the problem be related to?
  8. Can something be done now to preemptively help this future situation?
  9. How is the problem best helped at the time it occurs?
  10. Outcome.

Notes: Deal card 1. If this card is interpreted as there being no "real" problem at present then omit cards 2, 3, 4, 5 and go straight on to dealing card 6. If card 6 shows a problem then deal cards 7 to 10. If card 1 does show a problem then obviously deal cards 2 to 5. The reading can be stopped at that point, or cards 6 to 10 can be dealt in addition to consider other future problems.

Origin: Psychic Revelation ©

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