Tarot Spreads - Magical Love

Magical Love Tarot Spread
Category: Love/Relationships

About: This is a seven card Tarot spread that is ready made for the often asked question "Is he/she the one"? As well as considering whether the existing relationship is indeed one of true love it can also be used as a general answer to "Will I ever find true love"?


  1. Will the querent ever find his/her true love?
  2. Will the querent feel safe and secure with this person?
  3. Is marriage a potential for the querent?
  4. Will this new love be similar to the querent's past lovers?
  5. Will commitment be possible with this new love?
  6. Can the magic last between them?
  7. What can the querent do to make this person part of their life?

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Origin: Sylvia Abraham ©

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