Tarot Spreads - Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror Tarot Spread
Category: Love/Relationships

Description: This is a fourteen card Tarot spread that looks at the wants and needs of both partners and helps to determine what needs to be done by each to improve their relationship. It also considers outside influences acting for and against each person.


  1. How the querent sees him/herself.
  2. How the partner sees the querent.
  3. How the querent sees their relationship.
  4. How the partner sees their relationship.
  5. What the querent wants.
  6. What the partner wants.
  7. What the querent needs.
  8. What the partner needs.
  9. Influences acting in favor of the querent.
  10. Influences acting against the querent.
  11. Influences acting in favor of the querent's partner.
  12. Influences acting against the querent's partner.
  13. What the querent needs to do.
  14. What the partner needs to do.

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Origin: Psychic Revelation ©

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