Tarot Spreads - Mountains And Molehills

Mountains & Molehills Tarot Spread
Category: General

Description: This is a twelve card Tarot spread that looks at the major and minor challenges - the mountains and molehills - that face a querent. The reading considers the current or forthcoming major and minor aspects of the spiritual, emotional, and mental challenges being faced as well as any other challenge.


  1. The main spiritual challenge.
  2. Any minor spiritual challenge #1.
  3. Any minor spiritual challenge #2.
  4. The main emotional challenge.
  5. Any minor emotional challenge #1.
  6. Any minor emotional challenge #2.
  7. The main mental challenge.
  8. Any minor mental challenge #1.
  9. Any minor mental challenge #2.
  10. Any other challenge #1
  11. Any other challenge #2.
  12. Any other challenge #3.

Notes: This spread can be used to look at the current challenges for a querent or those that are upcoming. Although it could be used for a longer timescale this spread is ideal for looking at the upcoming month.

Origin: Psychic Revelation ©

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