Tarot Spreads - Partnership As Mirror

Partnership As Mirror Tarot Spread
Category: Love/Relationships

Description: This is a good ten card Tarot spread for looking at an existing relationship and considering whether there is room for improvement. It's good for looking at the weaknesses and strengths involved as well as the responsibilities each partner will need to acknowledge in order to make the most of the relationship.


  1. How the querent sees him/herself.
  2. How the querent sees their partner.
  3. How the querent sees their relationship.
  4. What will strengthen their relationship.
  5. What will weaken their relationship.
  6. Querent's hopes.
  7. Querent's fears.
  8. Querent's responsibility in this relationship.
  9. Querent's partner's responsibility in this relationship.
  10. Outcome.

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Origin: Burger/Fiebig ©

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