Tarot Spreads - Snapshot

Snapshot Tarot Spread
Category: General

Description: This is a twelve card Tarot spread that looks at the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life in the past, the present, the future, and why their interconnectedness is so important. It effectively provides a snapshot in time as to where the querent is in their current emotional, mental, and spiritual cycles today and where they are heading. In addition it looks at the current life lesson/cycle. The reading considers the following:


  1. Emotional Past.
  2. Mental Past.
  3. Spiritual Past.
  4. The Power Of The Past.
  5. Emotional Present.
  6. Mental Present.
  7. Spiritual Present.
  8. The Power Of The Present.
  9. Emotional Future.
  10. Mental Future.
  11. Spiritual Future.
  12. Snapshot Of The Current Life Lesson/Cycle.

Notes: Card #4 should be looked at as representing how well the lessons of the past have been learned. Card #8 is interpreted as how successfully the present is being used to form the future. If the card is negative or neutral then indicate what changes need to be made. If the card is positive then affirm that the querent is on the right path but consider whether improvements could still be made and if so, what they are. Cards #9, #10 and #11 represent the current snapshot of the future if recommended changes are made (if card #8 is negative or neutral) or if the current path is maintained or improved upon (if card #8 is positive).

Origin: Psychic Revelation ©

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