Trees - Magical Properties

Alder: Has oracular and protective powers.

Apple: Useful for love and healing.

Ash: Good for anything requiring focus and strength of purpose.

Beech: Use for gaining insight and guidance from the past.

Birch: Most useful for fertility and healing rituals.

Blackthorn: Use for interpreting outside influences.

Elder: Use for any ritual that involves a beginning or end to a cycle.

Elm: Useful for stability and grounding.

Fir: Use for divination when the future needs to be determined.

Hawthorn: Use for protection, love and marriage rituals.

Hazel: Use for gaining knowledge, inspiration and wisdom.

Holly: Useful for anything related to sleep, rest, or easing the passage of death.

Larch: Use for protection and enhancing visions.

Maple: Use for abundance and success.

Oak - Brown: Use for protection, stability, strength, and success.

Oak - Red: Use for strength.

Oak - White: Use for strength and solidity.

Pine: Use for personal issues and guilt.

Poplar: Use for any communication, shielding, or resistance needs.

Rowan: Use for psychic protection.

Willow: Use for cycles and rhythms.

Yew: Use to enhance psychic ability and/or or induce visions