Western Astrology - Libra

Libra - The Scales: 23rd September - 23rd October.
  • Ruler: Venus.
  • Element: Air.
  • Quality: Cardinal.
  • Gender: Masculine.
  • Color: White.
  • Tarot: Justice.
  • Natural House: Seventh.
  • Astrological Birthstones: Chrysolite, lapis lazuli, opal and peridot.
  • Planetary Stone: Sapphire.
  • Physical Correspondence: Bladder, kidneys, pelvis and skin.
  • Keywords: Artistic, diplomatic.

The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus. Physically it is related to the kidneys. It is said to have a masculine nature, and is therefore more socially outgoing in its nature. As an Air sign it is connected with the mentality and social relationships, and as a Cardinal sign there is a dynamic expression to the energy. There is a motivation to achieve social or relationship goals. This sign is known for the ability to be diplomatic and create harmony.

Planetary energies in Libra are keyed towards attaining balance. There is a strong concern with the principles of fairness and justice, and great interest in getting people to function smoothly together. Planets here are motivated for partnership, and there is a willingness to compromise for the sake of a harmonious relationship. It can be an advantage to balance this consciousness of others with greater self-awareness and self-assertion.

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