Western Astrology - Pisces

Pisces - The Fish: 20th February - 20th March.
  • Ruler: Neptune.
  • Element: Water.
  • Quality: Mutable.
  • Gender: Feminine.
  • Color: Purple.
  • Tarot: The Moon.
  • Natural House: Twelfth.
  • Astrological Birthstones: Amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, jade, rock crystal and sapphire.
  • Planetary Stone: Aquamarine.
  • Physical Correspondence: Ankles, feet and lymphatic system.
  • Keywords: Introspective, sacrificing, transcendence.

Pisces is traditionally ruled by the planet Jupiter, though Neptune has also been assigned rulership since its discovery in 1846. Physically it is related to the feet and the lymphatic system. It is said to have a feminine nature, and is therefore more responsive in the way its energy is expressed.

As a Water sign it is concerned with the emotions, particularly those universal feelings which are associated with human predicament and suffering on Earth. As a mutable sign Pisces disseminates energy sporadically and without specific direction. Pisces goes where the wind blows.

Planets in Pisces express themselves sensitively and in a rather diffuse manner. The sign channels intangible impulses, and planets here are very receptive to signals on an ethereal level. There is a strong tendency to dream and fantasize, and an inclination to feel a sense of martyrdom. The enhanced emotional sensitivity in Pisces is often channeled into creative outlets, particularly in connection with music and film, but also in connection with Nature, and people who need social care. Pisces is the sign of dreams, disappointments and spiritual enrichment.

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