Western Astrology - Virgo

Virgo - The Virgin: 24th August - 22nd September.
  • Ruler: Mercury.
  • Element: Earth.
  • Quality: Mutable.
  • Gender: Feminine.
  • Color: Orange.
  • Tarot: The Hermit.
  • Natural House: Sixth.
  • Astrological Birthstones: Blue sapphire, carnelian, jade, jasper and moss agate.
  • Planetary Stone: Citrine.
  • Physical Correspondence: Digestive system.
  • Keywords: Discriminating and methodical.

The sign of Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Physically it is related to the digestive system. It is said to have a feminine nature, and is therefore more reactive in its energy. As an Earth sign, it is connected with material things and practical manifestation, relating to work, the body and organization principle. As a mutable sign it is adaptable - and this manifests as a talent for discrimination and analysis.

Planets in this sign express themselves in a perfectionist way, and give rise to a tendency to both criticism and self-criticism. There is a drive to work hard and a strong motivation to be helpful and of service to others. The work principle is exalted, and there is a need to organize people socially in relation to work.

There is a tendency to analyze everything and compartmentalize information. The rational mind is dominant, and greater balance could be achieved if the ability to allow fantasy and irrational impulses could be cultivated.

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