Wicca & Witchcraft - Besom

The Witch's broom - more commonly known as the besom - can be used within the Circle instead of the wand. All the rituals associated with the wand can be used with the besom. When it comes to change of season rituals such as Imbolc (sweeping away the old - winter - to make way for the new - spring - the besom really comes into its own.

Although many witches use a store bought ordinary broom for their rituals many prefer to use a handcrafted ritually made and consecrated besom.

Traditionally the besom is made from a tree branch and an assortment of small twigs or straw/corn stems. Sometimes it is made with the addition of scented herbs. Originally the end of the besom that was "hidden" by the bristles was actually carved into the shape of a penis. The besom is a very important addition to any witch's ritual arsenal.

Element: Air.

Direction: East.

Color: Yellow - Pale blue.

Gender: Male.