Wicca & Witchcraft - Circle

The Circle is without one of the most important elements of Wicca and witchcraft. Almost everything takes place within this area.

You will find various different ways to cast or open a circle. No one way is THE way. This is the way that many of our Wiccan members cast their circle. It is important when you are ready to do spell work that you cast a circle, or create a Sacred Space, to provide protection and keep out undesirable energies. This also contains the power which you will raise until it is time to release it to the Universe.

Beginning in the East, walk clock-wise around the circle, sprinkling a salt-water mixture, which has been previously cleansed. While doing so, say "salt and water by casting thee, no spell nor unknown purpose be, except in true accord with me, and as my will, so mote it be!"

Next, take the incense and, beginning in the East, walk clock-wise around the circle, allowing the smoke from the incense to cleanse the circle. While doing so, say "I banish from this circle, all unclean and evil forces".

Back in the East, draw an Earth banishing pentagram in the air. Next, pick up athame from the altar and again, starting in the East, walk slowly clock-wise around the circle. Say, "I conjure thee O circle of power, that thou be as a boundary between the world of men and the realms of the mighty ones. A guardian and a protection to preserve and contain the power that we/I shall raise within until such time that we choose to release it. Therefore do I bless and consecrate thee."

The circle is now complete and the God and Goddess can be invoked.

It is important NOT to leave your circle until it has been uncast. If you do need to leave the circle for any reason, you must first cut a "doorway". Standing in the East, take athame and cut straight down through the air, come back up, and go down again. Now take and put hands together in front of you, and move the three circles (saltwater, incense, sword) apart (as if you are parting a curtain). Walk through the circle, turn and, facing the circle, close the opening with your hands. This will seal the circle so that nothing can enter or leave while you are gone.

When you return to the circle, it is important that you follow the same procedure. Cut the circle, open (pull it apart), step through, and close again.

When your spell is completed you willl need to close or disperse the circle. The first thing to do is to extinguish any spell candles (but not your white candle. Remember to snuff or pinch them out. Don't blow them out as this is believed to blow the magic away.

After you have extinguished all of the spell candles, it is advisable to absorb any excess magical energies that are inside your circle that failed to be focused into your spell. With practice this probably won't be necessary but it can take time to perfect. Simply take your time and visualize the energy slowly being absorbed into you. This will also help you to recover a little as most spell work when done correctly is pretty exhausting.

Once you are confident all the excess energy has been absorbed visualize your circle slowly collapsing (starting at the point directly above your head) back into your circle on the floor. Having completed this step you need to visualize the circle collapsing counter-clockwise or widdershins into the point from where it was formed.

Now extinguish the large white candle (remembering to snuff or pinch it out). The circle is now closed and you may leave.