Wicca & Witchcraft - Esbats

Although compared to the Sabbats the Esbats are considered "minor" they are in fact very important to the craft and all witches celebrate them. Esbats are a celebration of the full moon. Each full moon Esbat centres around formal circle casting and the charge of the Goddess is recited. The charge of the God is omitted, not as a slight, but simply that the moon is ruled by the Goddess.

Please note that there are thirteen full moons in the year. Although there is a full moon each month sometime during the year there will be a thirteenth, in other words one month will have two full moons. Which month this is will vary depending on the year.

December: The Oak Moon

January: The Wolf Moon

February: The Chaste Moon

March: The Seed Moon

April: The Hare Moon

May: The Dyad Moon

June: The Honey Moon

July: The Wort Moon

August: The Barley Moon

September: The Harvest Moon

October: The Blood Moon

November: The Snow Moon