Wicca & Witchcraft - Four Elements

The four basic elements are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water and are considered in metaphysics as the four basic components that make up life itself. These elements all have different vibrations which, when properly aligned, can help to produce the desired results in your magic. The following list will give you information relating to each of the four elements and their correspondences:



Direction: North.
Colors: Brown, Black, Purple, Green.
Season: Winter.
Ritual Symbol: Pentacle.
Favored Moon Phase: 4th Quarter.
Favored Time: Midnight.



Direction: South.
Colors: Red, Orange, Gold.
Season: Summer.
Ritual Symbol: Athame or Sword.
Favored Moon Phase: 2nd Quarter.
Favored Time: Noon.



Direction: East.
Colors: Blue, Yellow, Green.
Season: Spring.
Ritual Symbol: Wand or Sword.
Favored Moon Phase: 1st Quarter.
Favored Time: Dawn.



Direction: West
Colors: Blue, White, Light Grays, Pinks, Light Greens.
Season: Fall.
Ritual Symbol: Chalice.
Favored Moon Phase: Full Moon.
Favored Time: Dusk.