Wicca & Witchcraft - Staff

The Witch's staff is one of the less common tools that you hear about. Everyone knows the wand, the besom etc. etc. but not so many have come across this particular item.

The staff does actually have very specific purposes. It can be used for marking out a ritual area. It can also be used to attract spirits by striking it against the ground. It is also used as a power conduit to draw and channel power or energy from the sun, the moon and from nature itself. Some Witches will dedicate the staff to a particular element or purpose.

Traditionally, the staff is a long sturdy branch which is often decorated with various symbols, although this is not something that is mandatory. The symbols can be carved, or burnt, or even painted on. It can also be adorned with items from nature. There is no one right length for a staff, shoulder height is comfortable for most people, though longer or shorter is fine.

It can be made from any wood although originally elder and rosewood were the most common. They are sometimes dedicated to a specific element or purpose. Generally, however, it is used to mark out the ritual ground or for striking the ground to attract spirits. Also a staff can be used as a power conduit, to draw power from the sun, moon, or nature surroundings.Traditionally staffs were made of elder, maple, cane, poplar, oak, or rosewood. This however, doesn't mean that all staffs must be made this way. You can have a staff just the way you want it, make it personally yours.