Book Reviews - Spiritual Astrology - Your Personal Path to Self-Fulfillment

Title: Spiritual Astrology - Your Personal Path to Self-Fulfillment

By: Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy

Pages: 448

Publisher: Fireside

ISBN: ISBN-10: 0671660411 & ISBN-13: 978-0671660413


Reviewed By: Charis


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Spiritual Astrology Review:

This book is one of those rare gems that make you look at something you know well in a different light. I am a great devourer of astrological and metaphysical oriented books and materials, and this is one of the absolute best ones I’ve ever read with all due respect to Michael Lutin, of course! Lutin is another one of my very favorite Astrologer-authors, but I digress…

Despite Spiritual Astrology's (to me) faintly lofty title, it’s actually a very down to earth look at astrology and how it affects our lives - with a different twist. Using an approach I’ve seen nowhere else, Spiller and McCoy devote a large part of the book to the influences of the prenatal and postnatal eclipses that happened before and shortly after the time of your birth.

Like most books of this ilk, it includes the tables and the needed information for you to be able to calculate “which” eclipses affected your birth (and those of your loved ones) and in what way the eclipses might have done so.

Bar none, this is the ONLY book that when shared with friends and family, and/or when I read "their" sections to them - every single person I shared it with had a sharp intake of breath and said “that’s me!” after hearing their descriptions. Nobody rolled their eyes to heaven. Not a soul.

There is useful information to be gleaned from this book, including potential past life vibrations which you may still be living through in this incarnation. Fascinating stuff, and highly, highly recommended.

No book will be a perfect fit for everyone - but even so I doubt anyone would be disappointed with this book. It’s just that good.