CD Reviews - Silent Heart by Karunesh

Title: Silent Heart

By: Karunesh

Total Time: 53:37

Reviewed By: Charis


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Silent Heart Review:

The music of Silent Heart by Karunesh is unusual. Peaceful, calm, and meditative, it includes sounds of a Tibetan Singing bowl, bells and chimes, and a Japanese flute, among other fairly unusual instruments.

Personally, when I meditate, I find that music is not helpful, as I tend to listen to the music rather than clearing my mind. However many people do find music useful for meditation. If you are one of those people, you may find that you really enjoy this CD.

I could also imagine it being used very effectively for calming and relaxing background music, during a massage, for example, or at a shop which endeavors to help people be soothed, thoughtful, and quiet.

There is a definite “new age” feel to this music, despite the ancient instruments that are part of this mix. This too is something which appeals to many people but not to others.

I would recommend this CD for those looking for something “different,” or for those who meditate to music. All the music was created and mixed by a single performer, Karunesh, who according to the liner notes began a spiritual journey after he nearly died in a motorbike accident. This music could definitely also be described as “atmospheric.” In general, I think if you feel that you enjoy new age music, you will enjoy Silent Heart.

There are 7 tracks on this CD:

  1. Dreamscape 6:41
  2. Beyond Time 6:44
  3. Morning Song 7:43
  4. Autumn Leaves 8:56
  5. Desert Flower 8:28
  6. Serenade 8:28
  7. Haleakala Sunset 6:10