Reviews is a new section we have put in Psychic Revelation to help guide you through the multitude of choices you have when it comes to items like Tarot cards and books, other divination decks and oracles, metaphysical and spiritual books, meditational music and anything else we feel might be of interest to you.

All reviews will be uploaded within the next month although we will obviously be adding to them from time to time.

Each review is done by one of our Psychic Revelation staff and the rating awarded to each item is obviously a personal one by the reviewer. Only the very best reviews will make it into our listings. On a scale of 0 - 5 stars only 3 stars and upwards will be covered.

Books: There are many, many books out there that are related to the spiritual and metaphysical. Many Tarot decks come with a book, as do many other divination tools. Is it any good? Read our reviews and find out!

CDs: Life can get pretty overwhelming at times and meditation can be difficult. Sometimes it helps to have soft, soothing music in the background. Find out which ones we think are the best.

Divination Tools: Our divination tools section covers many of the various Tarot decks that are out there as well as many of the not so well known oracle decks.

DVDs: The DVD section recommends DVDs especially selected for their spiritual or instructional content.

Jewelry: High quality gold and silver jewelry with a metaphysical flavor.

Miscellaneous: This is where you will find everything else that doesn't have its own section.