Glossary - R

Words and terms beginning with the letter R.

  • Raphael: One of the seven Archangels.
    Receptive Hand: The hand which has less power. It is generally the hand you do not write with. This hand is used less in holding and charging ritual items. It does, however, receive outside energy used to feed the ritual or spell.
    Rede (The): The standard of conduct for a wiccan.
    Right-Hand Path: A term used for a person who practices magic that is beneficial to others. It is the opposite of left-hand path.
    Rite: A ritual.
    Ritual: A formal series of generally predetermined actions (which can be mental and/or or physical) performed to harness, and then direct magical powers toward the accomplishment of a goal.
    Rune: A stone (or other object) which has a letter or symbol on it: Futhark runes - Witch's runes etc.
    Rune-Row: The more correct name for a runic "alphabet".